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About Us

Our Founder:
Jeffrey E. Steffens

July 15, 1953 – January 9. 2009

At Superior Bag™, we are proud to offer exceptional products with superior customer service. We lead the industry in the manufacture of the most secure, reliable, and technologically advanced security bags available for storing and transporting hard currency or vital evidence as well as important medical supplies.

1980 Superior Bag™ established as a manufacturer of canvas locking bags and currency shipping bags
1985 Superior Bag™ introduced disposable bank bags for deposit and currency shipping
1989 Introduced Sentry™ security closure system, establishing the industry standard for currency shipping bags
1995 Superior Bag™ introduced Sentry II™ in-line void tape closure, maximizing customer convenience and tamper evidence
1999 Launched Sentry Dual Seal™, improving strength, durability, and tamper evidence of currency shipping bags
2001 Superior Bag™ developed The Superior Coin Bag™, now recognized as the industry leading product for coin shipping
2004 Develops Sentry 3™, a bold and innovative enhancement to our in-line security deposit bags
2005 Introduction of Customer Connection program that offers financial institutions the opportunity to generate revenue from sales of customer deposit bags
2008 Introduced SentryGreen®– an enhanced film structure that completely degrades in a landfill environment
2009 Began full product line conversion to SentryGreen®– the eco-friendly deposit bag solution
2009 Introduction of D-TEC™ – the next generation of in-line VOID tape closures that once again leads the industry in tamper evidence and security
2011 Total redevelopment of our IT system commences.New telecom and total system overhaul with upgraded and improved security, connectivity and automation
2012 Superior Bag™ becomes an LLC and is now headquartered in Mooresville, NC
2013 The Superior Coin Bag is redeveloped with a stronger, reinforced handle and a more competitive price
2014 Retail shopping cart launched. The Superior Evidence Bag® and The Superior Property Bag® introduced.
2017 Moved to the the Peach Capital of the Carolina's: Gaffney, SC

Superior Bag Code of Conduct